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to grow your startup.

Get up to $750 in free services when you sign up to book a 30-minute strategy exploration session with a Merlin founder to discuss how to launch, grow and scale your business on-demand.

For select high-potential founders and teams (*), if we both agree that we have the ability to help grow your great idea together and want to continue after your initial strategy exploration, within 3 days of our strategy session we will complete a strategy roadmap for your startup and you will receive a follow-up strategy session to review your roadmap… all at no obligation to you.

 First, a free 30 minute strategy exploration ($150 value)

 A free strategy planning outline ($450 value)*

A free follow-up session to review your plan ($150 value)*

Let’s supercharge your brand!

Launch, grow and scale your business on-demand with the first creative agency powered by technology.  Book a free, 30-minute strategy session with a Merlin founder to discuss:

Building a growth ready brand

 Traction with content campaigns

Scaling your team on-demand